Jon Paterson is a pizza-making, go-karting, Scottish born photographer living in NYC who specializes in cosmetics and still life photography. He grew up in Doha, Qatar and received his first camera, an old Russian 35mm SLR called a ZENIT, from a neighbor of his grandmother and has had a camera in his hand ever since.

He attended the Reading College of Art and Design and in 2012 moved to the US to pursue his passion. In 2015, Jon started to focus solely on Cosmetics photography and that same year began working with Marc Jacobs Beauty; who is still a client of his today. Jon is a traveled, dedicated photographer whose main goal is to make sure his clients are happy.

When he’s not taking photos, you can find him hanging out with his cat, playing video games, taking care of his bonsai trees (one he’s had for almost 9 years…) and making delicious cocktails as an ex-bartender.